Terms of Service

Last updated: 18 June 2018
 General Acceptance of Terms
1.1. These General Terms and Conditions (alluded as the "Terms"), including all applying Documents, constitute a lawful assertion between the Owner and the Users.
1.2. Every User of this website must read the conditions carefully and comply with all the Terms.
1.3 By accepting all the written T&Cs, you will be bound to an agreement with Danatcoin. The terms and conditions contain clauses which may affect your legal rights. If you do not accept to any of the terms written in these T&Cs, or you consider that any condition should not apply to you, or you want to negotiate the terms, do not make a contribution for the buying of ICO and immediately close the company's website.
SECTION 2. Technical Terms
The following Technical Terms used throughout the Terms & Conditions have the following meaning:
Accompanying Documents – other Danatcoin ICO documents accompanying and detailing these Terms, including, but not limited to Whitepaper, Token Sale Policy, and Privacy Policy. In case of any discrepancy between Accompanying Documents and the Terms & Conditions, the latter shall apply.
Account – The account of User on Danatcoin.com, which is made and utilized inside the Danatcoin Platform. A User gets an access to the Account upon the Owner's receipt of all required data and validation of the same. Only authenticate Users have right to operate the Danatcoin Platform.
Affiliates – A person or entity that is related to the Owner, but not limited to partners, contractors, agents, and employees of the Owner.
Agreement – The Rules and Policies issued by the company owner on the company's website (including the Accompanying Documents).
Danatcoin Platform – A virtual currency platform, designed for the trading worldwide of these digital currencies, the creation and exposure of cryptocurrency portfolios. Development of the Danatcoin Platform is the initial purpose of the Danatcoin ICO.
Danatcoin Tokens – These are cryptographic tickets, which are software created products. If it is successfully made and launched in reference with the terms set out herein. The Danatcoin ICO is not securities, not registered with any government entity as a security, and shall not be considered as such in future.
Danatcoin, except for use within the Danatcoin Platform are not intended to be a commodity or any other kind of financial instrument, do not represent any share, stake, or security or on the other hand identical rights, including, yet not restricted to, to one side to get future income offers and licensed innovation rights, and don't speak to any possession right. You are not welcomed to take an interest in the Danatcoin ICO with a desire of benefit.
Danatcoin ICO – An initial offering of Danatcoin to eligible Users for a limited period of time. In accordance with the respective phases (launches) and price as mentioned on the Company's Website and the Whitepaper.
Owner (referred as "Company", "We", "Us", "Our") – A company organized under the laws of Republic of Bulgaria, have the purpose of developing and implementing the law. The Owner is not a financial entity, investment entity, partner, employer, agent, or adviser for any User.
3.1. We all know the nature of cryptocurrency and the lack of support from governmental bodies across the globe. It is still ambiguous how the virtual currency will regulate. We have the right to deny the sale of ICO without giving the reason.
3.2. These Terms are successful at the time the User starts utilizing the Website. The Users may pull once more from their dedication under the Terms at whatever point by ceasing the use of the Website.
3.3. The User recognizes and acknowledges that these Terms are liable to change, adjustments, revisions, modifications, or supplements whenever without prior information, at the Owner's sole circumspection.
The Users proceeded with the utilization of the Website after any revisions or adjustments of these Terms or potentially the Website might constitute the User's assent hereto and acknowledgment concerning this. In any case, the date of the latest revisions and changes will be demonstrated at the base of these Terms.
3.4. The User accepts that the Owner has the right at any time to alter or to temporarily or permanently close or eliminate the Website as well as discontinue any access to the Website for any reason.
3.5. By utilizing this Website and taking part in the Danatcoin ICO every User pledges, speaks to, and warrants that: - You are no less than 18 years old and are completely capable and legitimately able to utilize the Website and go into this Agreement with the Owner and in doing as such won't abuse some other consent to which You are a party; -You have the essential and important experience and learning to manage cryptographic money and Blockchain-based frameworks, and in addition full comprehension of their structure, and know about their benefits, dangers, and any confinements related to cryptocurrency (their buy and utilize) and Blockchain-based frameworks, and know how to oversee them, and accept that You are exclusively in charge of any assessments in view of such information; - If You are an enterprise, legislative association, or another legitimate element, You have the authority to go into this contract on behalf of the organization or legal entity and tie them to these terms. and - You cannot use the Website for any unlawful activity, including yet not constrained to illegal tax avoidance and the financing of fear-based oppression; - You are not taking an interest in the Danatcoin ICO Sale or trading any cryptographic money for Danatcoin with the end goal of speculative investment;
3.6 A User should not utilize the Website if the law of the nation of User's habitation is disallowed from utilizing the Website. Any User that is in any way restricted or precluded from the buy, ownership, exchange, utilize, or other exchange including any measure of Danatcoin ICO under the law of the User's native country should not get to this Website and is denied accessing to, referencing, drawing in, or generally utilizing this Website.
3.7. Before utilizing the Website and/or potentially buying any Danatcoin ICO a User is obliged to go through carefully whatever other Accompanying Documents that takes after these Terms and manage the Website use and Danatcoin ICO Sale strategy. The specified related Documents should be viewed as an indistinguishable part of and their terms of utilization might be the same as of these Terms. By utilizing the Website each and every User affirms that he/she has completely perused and comprehended these Terms, as well as any Accompanying Documents and completely acknowledges their terms.
3.8. Website pages may contain links to outside sites and administrations. Such connections are accommodated Your comfort, yet their presence does not imply that they are suggested by the Owner. The Owner does not ensure their wellbeing and congruity with any User desires. Moreover, We are not in charge of keeping up any materials referenced from another site and make no guarantees for that site or particular administration. The Website Owner expects no commitments in case of any harm or misfortune, or some other effect, specifically or indirectly because of the utilization of any substance, goods, or services accessible on or through any such outsider sites and assets.
3.9. The user is not a citizen or resident of a geographic area in which the access of use of Danatcoin website or participation in the Danat coin is prohibited by applicable law,decree,regulation,treaty,or administrative act.
4.1 For utilization of the Danatcoin Platform, the Owner will enlist You (upon Your registration request), on the Website and make an individual Account with Your Specific login and password. You warrant that any details accommodated the reason for Your Account creation is legitimate and accurate. Registration information and other data about You are liable for the going with Privacy Policy available on the Website.
4.2. You therefore explicitly assent that you are exclusively responsible for the utilization of Your login and password for the Account, for any registration information accommodated Account creation, and for any activities done amid any utilization of Your Account. You consent to keep your login data and password private and to promptly tell the Owner of any unapproved Account movement You might know about and change your login data individually. You are exclusively in charge of any damage or harm or we may endure because of your inability to do as such.
4.3. You may discontinue your engagement with the Website whenever and for any reason by sending a demand in the contact frame on the Website. At Our sole and sensible carefulness without earlier notice and with no risk or further commitment, we may end your utilization of and enrollment with the Website at any time that you breach these Terms or some other Accompanying Documents of the Owner.
5.1. To the degree permissible by law, the User should reimburse, safeguard, and hold the Owner and additionally its auxiliaries, members, chiefs, officers, workers, operators, successors, and allowed appointees innocuous from and against any cases, harms, misfortunes, suits, activities, requests, procedures, costs, as well as liabilities (counting yet not constrained to sensible lawyers' charges acquired) brought about by an outsider against the Owner emerging out of the User's rupture of any guarantee, portrayal, or commitment hereunder.
5.2.You might not have any claim of any nature at against Us for any disappointment by Us to complete any of our commitments under these Terms because of causes outside our ability to control, including however not constrained to any strike, lockout, deficiency of work or materials, delays in transport, programmer assaults on the Website or any assets which have any connection to Danatcoin ICO, mishaps of any sort, any default or deferral by any sub-contractual worker or provider of our own, revolt, political or common unsettling influences, the components, a demonstration of government including administrative activity forced, any postponement in securing any allow, assent, or endorsement required by Us, or some other specialist or some other reason at all past our outright and direct control.
6.1. All buys of Danatcoin ICO are last and non-refundable. By obtaining the Danatcoin ICO, the User recognizes that neither the Owner nor any other of its members are required to give a refund to any reason and that the User won't get receive money or other remuneration for any Danatcoin ICO that isn't utilized or stays unused for any reason.
6.2. This Website and the Danatcoin ICO are given on an "as is" basis and with no guarantees of any sort, either communicated or inferred. You accept all accountability and risk as for your utilization of the Website and purchasing of any measure of Danatcoin ICO and their utilization.
6.3. You thus explicitly accept that, to the most extreme degree allowed by law, the Website Owner or its Affiliates don't acknowledge any risk of any harm or misfortune, including business loss, income, or benefits, or loss of or harm to information, equipment, or software, or powerlessness to utilize, this Website or the material, data, software, offices, administrations or substance on this site, from purchasing the Danatcoin ICO or their utilization by the User, regardless of the basis, upon which the liability is claimed.
6.4. You comprehend that the Owner and any of its Affiliates should not be held at risk to and might not acknowledge any obligation, commitment, or duty at all for any difference in the estimation of the Danatcoin ICO. The Owner might not give to the User any possible refunds for buying the Danatcoin ICO. The User comprehends that the Owner should not give any assurance at all that the Danatcoin ICO may be sold or transferred amid or after the Danatcoin ICO sale.
6.5. The User accept that it is his commitment to guarantee consistency with any enactment pertinent to his nation of house concerning utilization of this Website and utilize and purchasing of the Danatcoin ICO, and that the Owner won't responsible for any of Your illicit or unapproved utilization of this Website and utilize and purchasing of the Danatcoin ICO. You consent to be exclusively in charge of any applicable taxes imposed on ICO obtained hereunder.
6.6. The Owner does not warn or speak to that any data on the Website is accurate or that the Website will be error-free, that imperfections will be corrected, or that the facilities or the server that makes it accessible are equitable. The Website Owner should not be subject to continuous accessibility of the Website consistently, in all nations or every single geographic area, or at any given time.
6.7.  Securing of Danatcoin ICO does not present a trade of digital currencies for any type of ordinary shares, and the holder of any Danatcoin ICO, issued by the Owner isn't qualified for any ensured type of profit or other income rights. Holders of Danatcoin ICO are just qualified for a constrained right of the utilization of the Danatcoin Platform in the event that it is effectively delivered and propelled as per the terms set out in this.
7.1. The Owner can't and does not ensure advertise liquidity for Danatcoin ICO. By acquiring Danatcoin ICO, You explicitly recognize that You completely comprehend that they may encounter unpredictability in evaluating and won't try to hold the Owner obligated for any misfortunes or any uncommon, accidental, or considerable harms emerging from, or in any capacity associated with, the offer of Danatcoin ICO.
7.2. The buy of Danatcoin ICO conveys with it various dangers, e.g. glitch of the Bitcoin Protocol and risk of hacks. Before acquiring Danatcoin ICO, You ought to painstakingly consider the dangers recorded in this and, on the extent necessary, counsel a suitable legal advisor, Tax professional. On the off chance that any of the dangers are inadmissible to You, You ought not to buy Danatcoin ICO.
7.3. Should You continue to buy any Danatcoin ICO and the item neglects to be reasonable for the extraordinary or specific reason as expected by You, we won't be at risk to You for such inadmissibility (counting yet not constrained to tolerating the arrival of, or discounting to You the price tag of the individual Danatcoin ICO).
7.4. We make no portrayals or guarantees, regardless of whether express or suggested, and expect no obligation or duty regarding the best possible execution of any administrations, stages, or the data, pictures, or sound contained or identified with the Website. You utilize the majority of the said at your own hazard.
7.5. It may possible there will be a couple of Users of the Danatcoin Platform and that there will be restricted open enthusiasm for the said task and spread of the Danatcoin Platform. Such an absence of intrigue could affect the improvement of the Danatcoin Platform and potential utilization of it. In this manner, the achievement of the specified undertaking can't be anticipated.
7.6 The User perceives that the Danatcoin Platform is right now being worked on and may experience possible changes before launch. Client recognizes that any assumptions with respect to the frame and usefulness of the Danatcoin Platform held by the User may not be an endless supply of the specified task, for any number of reasons incorporating an adjustment in the outline and usage designs and execution of the usage of the Danatcoin Platform.
7.7. The Owner and its particular improvement group don't bolster any uncalled for or false practices and affirm their goal to create and dispatch the Danatcoin Platform. In any case, because of the dangers related with cryptographic money and the advanced ICO advertise (counting those portrayed in this Section), the User comprehends that while the Danatcoin improvement group will try sensible endeavors to finish the said venture, it may be possible that an official completed section of the Danatcoin Platform may not be released and there may never be an operational stage as depicted in the Whitepaper.
7.8. We will find a way to reject any errors from the Website yet can't ensure or warrant that any material accessible for downloading from the Website will be free from viruses, or other code that has debasing or dangerous properties. By utilizing the Website, You recognize and comprehend this hazard and consent to not hold the Owner obligated for errors.
7.9. We are not in charge of the correct or finish transmission of the data contained in any electronic correspondence or of the electronic correspondence itself, nor for any deferral in its conveyance or receipt.
7.10. Safety efforts have been actualized to guarantee the wellbeing and uprightness of any of the administrations identified with the Danatcoin ICO Sale. Nonetheless, in spite of this, data that is transmitted over the web or Blockchain might be defenseless to unlawful access and observe.
7.11. The Owner is firmly following changes to enactment in the most important wards in the world and attempts to act in like manner if changes affect operations of the Danatcoin ICO Sale or the Danatcoin Platform. The Owner or any of its subsidiary substances isn't a money-related organization and is as of now not under the supervision of any budgetary supervisory specialist. We don't give any authorized money related administrations, for example, speculation administrations, subsidize administration, or venture exhortation. This Danatcoin ICO Sale isn't an open offering of value or obligation.
7.12. None of the data or investigations displayed is expected to shape the reason for any speculation choice, and no particular suggestions are planned, and the Website isn't, does not offer, and should not be mean as venture or money related item.
7.13. We don't warrant or certified that Danatcoin ICO will be recorded or made accessible for trade for other cryptographic tokens or fiat cash, and no assurances are given at all with the limit (volume) of such potential trade. It should be expressly forewarned, that such trade, assuming any, may be liable to inadequately comprehended administrative oversight, and we don't give any guarantees as to any trade specialist organizations. Client recognizes it may not be capable, at any offered time, to procure or discard its Danatcoin ICO because of potential absence of liquidity.
7.14. It is conceivable that regardless of whether the Danatcoin ICO Sale edge is met, the inadequate assets won't practically build up the Danatcoin Platform, perhaps causing the impact that Users will be unable to take an interest in the Danatcoin Platform. By holding Danatcoin ICO, the User recognizes that he/she comprehends that while each exertion will be made to create and dispatch the Danatcoin Platform, it is conceivable that it will never be acknowledged due to the previously mentioned reasons.
8.1. The Owner has substantial, unhindered, and exclusive responsibility to utilize the licenses, trademarks, trademark enrollments, exchange names, copyrights, know-how, innovation and other protected innovation important to the lead of offering of the Danatcoin ICO Sale and its exercises for the most part.
8.2. Not the slightest bit should these Terms entitle any User for any intellectual property of the Owner, including the licensed innovation rights for the Website and all content, illustrations, UI, visual interface, photos, trademarks, logos, work of art, PC code, outline, structure, choice, coordination, articulation, and other substance associated with the Website. The game plan of such substance is claimed by the Owner and is ensured by national and global licensed innovation laws.
8.3. There are no suggested licenses under the Agreement, and any rights not explicitly allowed to the User hereunder are held by the Owner.
8.4. In the event that any licensed innovation enlistment of the Owner, narrative accommodation, or other activity is required from the User, the User must furnish the Owner with the respective assistance.
9.1. All inquiries concerning the development, legitimacy, requirement, and understanding of this Agreement might be administered by and understood and upheld as per the laws of Bulgaria.
9.2. To determine any debate, discussion, or claim between them emerging out of or identifying with this Agreement or the rupture thereof, the Parties concur first to consult in accordance with some basic honesty for a time of at least sixty (60) days following composed warning of such contention or claim to the next Party.
9.3. On the off chance that the transactions don't resolve the question, contention, or case to the sensible fulfillment of all Parties amid such period, at that point the Parties unalterably and genuinely present the individual case to the coupling assertion as per the American Arbitration Association guidelines, and judgment upon the honor rendered by the arbitrator(s) might be entered in any court having ward thereof. Aside from any debate, claims, suits, activities, reasons for activity, requests, or procedures in which either Party looks for injunctive or other impartial help for the asserted unlawful utilization of licensed innovation, including, without constraint, copyrights, trademarks, exchange names, logos, exchange insider facts, or licenses, You and the Owner (a) forgo Your and Owner's separate rights to have any question emerging from or identified with these Terms settled in a court, and (b) defer your and Owner's individual rights to a jury trial. The substantive law should be Bulgaria (counting all other working standards, arrangements, and techniques that might be issued by the Website Owner and distributed every now and then on the Website), without respect to struggle of law tenets or standards (regardless of whether of the Bulgaria or some other locale). The dialect of the intervention might be English or Arabic.
10.1. Termination. Despite anything contained thus, We hold the right, without see and at our sole circumspection, to end these Terms or suspend Your entitlement to get to the Website, including (however not restricted to) if there should arise an occurrence of your rupture of these Terms or if the Website Owner trusts you have submitted extortion, carelessness, or other wrongdoing. You may end these Terms without see by suspending utilization of the Website. All rights conceded to you under these Terms will promptly be renounced upon our end of these Terms or Our suspension of your entrance to the Website. In case of any Force Majeure Event (as characterized in "Incidental" Section), break of this understanding, or whatever other occasion that would make it industrially irrational for the Danatcoin Platform to work, we may, in our watchfulness and without risk to You, with or without earlier notice, suspend Your entrance to all or a part of our administrations/Website. We may end your entrance to the Website in our sole tact, quickly, and without earlier notice, and erase or deactivate Your Account and all related data and records in such Account without obligation to you. In case of end, the Owner will endeavor to restore any assets put away in your Account not generally owed to the Danatcoin Platform, unless the Owner trusts You have submitted extortion, carelessness, or other offense.
10.2. Whole Agreement: This Agreement is proposed to completely mirror the terms of the first understanding between the gatherings. No arrangement of the Agreement might be considered deferred unless such waiver is in composing and marked by the gathering that advantages from the implementation of such arrangement. No waiver of any arrangement in the Agreement, in any case, will be considered a waiver of an ensuing break of such arrangement or a waiver of a comparative arrangement. Likewise, a waiver of any rupture or an inability to implement any term or state of the Agreement won't in any capacity influence, restrict, or forgo a Party's rights hereunder whenever to authorize strict consistency from that point with each term and condition about.
10.3. Task. The Owner may, at its sole prudence, allow any of its rights and additionally appoint its obligations under this Agreement (counting, however not restricted all licensed innovation rights for the all the protected innovation rights objects made amid or alluding to the Danatcoin ICO Sale, and also the Danatcoin Platform itself) to any outsider whenever. You may not appoint your rights or delegate your obligations as User and Danatcoin ICO buyer, and any task or designation without the past composed assent of the Owner might be invalid and void.
10.4. Severability. On the off chance that any term, arrangement, pledge or limitation of this Agreement is held by a court of skilled purview to be invalid, illicit, void or unenforceable, the rest of the terms, arrangements, contracts, and confinements put forward thus should stay in full power and impact and might not the slightest bit be influenced, hindered, or negated, and the gatherings hereto might utilize their monetarily sensible endeavors to discover and utilize an elective intends to accomplish the same or significantly an indistinguishable outcome from that mulled over by such term, arrangement, contract, or confinement. It is thus stipulated and proclaimed to be the aim of the gatherings that they would have executed the rest of the terms, arrangements, pledges, and confinements without including any of to such an extent that might be in the future announced invalid, illicit, void, or unenforceable.
10.5. Correspondence and takes note. Any correspondence concerning the Terms' execution or infringement ought to be directed just by means of email of the User and through the Owner's contact shape on the Website. The User's authentic email for correspondence might be esteemed the email determined by the User amid the Account enrollment process. The unparalleled dialect of the correspondence should be English. We may give any notice to you under this Agreement by: (I) post a notice on the Website; or (ii) sending an email to the email address at that point related with your record. Notification we give by posting on the Website will be compelling after posting and notification we give by email will be viable when we send the email. It is your obligation to keep your email address current. You will be considered to have gotten an email sent to the email address at that point related to your record when we send the email, regardless of whether you really get or read the email.
10.6. Expense Issues. The Owner makes no portrayals concerning the expense ramifications of the offer of the Danatcoin ICO or the ownership or utilization of them. The User bears the sole duty to decide whether the buy of the Danatcoin ICO with digital money or the potential appreciation or devaluation in the estimation of the Danatcoin ICO after some time has impose suggestions for the User in the User's home purview. By acquiring Danatcoin ICO, and to the degree allowed by law, the User concurs not to hold the Owner obligated for any assessment risk related with or emerging from the buy of Danatcoin ICO. All expenses and charges payable by you are elite of any assessments, and might certain duties be pertinent, they should be included best of the payable sums. Upon our demand, you will give us any data we sensibly demand to decide if we are committed to gather charge from You. On the off chance that any reasoning or withholding is required by law, You will advise Us and will pay Us any extra sums important to guarantee that the net sum that we get, after any derivation and withholding, parallels the sum we would have gotten if no finding or withholding had been required. Furthermore, you will furnish us with documentation demonstrating that the withheld and deducted sums have been paid to the applicable saddling specialist.
10.7. State Policies. The Owner and its Affiliates entirely take after hostile to illegal tax avoidance (AML), "know your customer" (KYC) and other managing an account or government directions in particular wards. Each and any User completely consents to help the Owner in satisfaction of the said directions and give any vital data if such is required from the User by the approved specialist.
10.8. Power Majeure Events. We might not be at risk for (1) any incorrectness, blunder, delay in, or oversight of (an) any data, or (b) the transmission or conveyance of data; (2) any misfortune or harm emerging from any occasion past Our sensible control, including yet not restricted to surge, unprecedented climate conditions, quake, demonstration of God, fire, war, revolt, revolt, work question, mischance, activity of government, interchanges, influence disappointment, gear or programming breakdown, or some other reason past Our sensible control (each, a "Power Majeure Event").
10.9. Headings. Headings of segments are for accommodation just and should not be utilized to breaking point or translate such areas. Every one of the segments in the understanding should survive any end or termination of these Terms.
* Intellectual property Notification: This archive has a place with the Owner and is secured by copyright laws. It's replicating or use by any outsider in full or to a limited extent without earlier composed assent of the Owner is entirely disallowed. Distribution Date: January 18, 2017